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"Quick Flip" Saddledriver

"Quick Flip" Saddledriver

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"Quick Flip" Saddledriver - Bridge and Saddle Adjustment Tool

The “Quick Flip” Saddledriver has been used for years at Glaser Instruments as an in-house tool for setup and intonation. Visitors, picking them up, or watching our videos, always asked for a set. So we made enough to share.

The set contains two double-ended Saddledrivers with the most common bridge and saddle tools at each end. This kit is virtually all you need for electric guitar and bass bridge adjustments. 

Each set is equipped with:

  • 0.050 inch Allen hex

  • 1/16 inch Allen hex

  • 1.5 mm Allen hex

  • Small flathead screwdriver

Note: The Allen keys have been precisely chamfered to eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head.

The Saddle Driver is ideal for:

  • Gotoh Style Bridges
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridges
  • Gibson ABR Style Bridges
  • Mastery Style Bridges
  • Fender Style Bridges
  • Gibson Wraptails
  • Most aftermarket bridges

Also can be used for:

  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Pickguard removal
  • Knobs with set screw


"Finally, a proper comfortable tool that feels great in my hand and I won’t lose."

- Chris Miller (Keith Urban Guitar Tech) 

"I’m so impressed because I love fine tools."

Dan Erlewine (Luthier, Guitar Tech)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
matthew davis
Great time saver

Great time saver. Very high-quality product.

Lawrence Ealey

I was really impressed with the quality and I would recommend them to anyone that does guitar setup work

eugene moles
Quick Flip" Saddledriver

This tool never leaves my bench. Its of the highest quality!

Michael Schlick
Quick flip driver

Excellent quality! A great companion to carry with for quick repairs! Great build quality! Solid! 5 stars++!

Gary Gonzales
Great tool

Very well-built and worth the price.



Larry Lachmann
Exactly what I needed

For many years every single time I would set up my guitars I wish I had an allen key / hex driver instead of those dinky little doo dads with the weird bend. I would see guitar techs using hex drivers or smaller crewdrivers for sdjustments, and they always had better handles than the junk I (and A LOT of us non pros) were stuck with. It always seemed like that it would feel like I had more control and more of an assured experience to use a better tool. This set feels great to use. Its a much better experience using these tools for adjusting bridges and saddles etc. Nice job guys!

Richard Lewis
A tool for the Bench

It's a high quality set of tools that comes in real handy, especially if you leave it out on the bench.. feels good in the hand too.! Nice.

Steven Portman
Great set of tools

Just the right size for my work desk, easy to grip, perfect sizes for quick adjustments, an always out, readily available tool. Highly recommended.

Michael Ruggieri
Super handy & well made!

These are great! No need to mess around with the stock "L shaped" allen wrenchs thatcome with guitars. Those are cheaply made, wear out and can damage your guitars hardware. These puppies are pure quality. They won't wear out or damage anything. They're all I use now.

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