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Fret Thingie by Ken Parker

Fret Thingie by Ken Parker

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The "Fret Thingie" by Ken Parker.

Ken Parker has been using the Fret Thingie for many years to help with the final touches of fretwork. This tool has the correct shape to match the top of your frets to remove fret file or machine marks. 

Here is what Ken has to say...

"I have made many versions of the tool over the last 40+ years, and this design seems the best. The tough polycarbonate will hang in there and give good service, and the textured surface makes it easy to hold without a death grip.”

Here are what his friends say...

I have used every fret polishing gimmick ever made; yours is the KING! - Roger Sadowsky

“It is such a great tool. It puts the finishing touch on all we’ve done to get things just right. It’s the satinizing tool, the crowning touch!” -  John Monteleone

Ken Parker asks Greenfield, “Hey Michael, do you ever use that fret polishing thingie I gave you?”
Michael Greenfield responds,  “Only on every guitar.”

Note: Sandpaper not included.

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Customer Reviews

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Andy Talamantez
Great Tool!

This is well designed and does an excellent job of rounding and polishing fret tops.

Steve Wigney - Forestwood Instruments
A Hand Preserver

After 50 years of playing guitars, a couple of years ago at age 60 I started a small setup, maintenance, repair business. 60 year old hands (well mine anyway) don't enjoy the death grip that fret polishing normally requires. This is a genuinely useful tool for me - has cut the time and strain required for great fret polishes. It's expensive, but for me, definitely worth it.


just got the plexiglass no emery paper or whatever is shown in the pictures.. any idea of what to use?
appears to be well made, have nothing to to use with it to try it out

Dan Furmanik
The "Perfect Fret Finisher"

The "Perfect Fret Finisher" for the perfect fret job! Wonderful concept and solid material!

Daniel Rohr
A refined and elegant solution for a tedious task.

Do you ever sand your frets? Are your fingertips aching under the strain of reaching to the edges of the frets? Do you want a Thingie to help do that thing? Then this Thingie thing is for you. I know it is for me!

Great new fret work tool

Does a great job of final shaping and polishing frets like nothing I've ever used. Fits the fret wire I use most perfectly - other shapes/sizes would be great. Easy on the hands.

Peter Meyer
It's Working

Solid simple and functional plus the etching on the side really help hold the sandpaper

Raphael Cohen

Excellent tool for everyday use. Slightly expensive for what it is. 6061 Aluminum would justify the cost. For now it saves my fingertips, so be it.

fret file thingie

This product is great. It hits the entire fret in a second. Just need to lay a bit of tape down to protect the wood, and away you go. What a great invention. Wish I would have had this years ago. Thanks!!

Aaron Howell - Penguin Coffee
Fret Thingie

Used it for the first time yesterday, couldn't be happier. Yes, it's kinda spendy, but it saves my thumbs from getting sore, cuts down on time spent polishing, and produces better results.So, I'm happy to ante up. Thanks.

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