Music City Bridge

Music City Bridge products are designed by Joe Glaser and the master technicians at Glaser Instruments. Our offerings are the result of decades of experience and are trusted by professional musicians around the world.

The Savvy Bridge

A compensated wraparound tailpiece compatible with a vast majority of wraptail guitars.

Stud Finder Bridge

A compensated wraparound tailpiece for guitar with radically offset studs. Like Gibsons made between 1953 and 1962.

Tom Bukovac explains "Stud Finder" Gibson Replacement Wraparound Tailpiece

Repair Tools

Music City Bridge is a company based our of Glaser Instruments guitar repair shop in Nashville, TN. The guitar repair tools we sell have been tested and refined for decades.

Three String Tree

A String Tree that will reach the G.

Ask Zac Explains the Convertible Bender and the Nashville 3 Pickup Blend.

Trapeze Wrap-Over Compensated Tailpiece, 1952 - 1953 Gibson Replacement Bridge