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Music City Bridge

“Stud Finder” Compensated wraparound tailpiece

“Stud Finder” Compensated wraparound tailpiece

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The best replacement Wraparound Tailpiece for 1950s and 1960s original Gibsons with offset bridge studs.

The Stud Finder corrects all of the original stop bar problems.

-Extended treble-side collar and compensated top for accurate intonation.

-Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.

-Extended treble-side collar gives metal-on-metal contact. This means better tone, sustain and NO MORE TIPPING!

-Low profile so you can set your action as low as you want to.

-No sitar buzz!

Customer feedback: 

"In tune, great sustain, sounds amazing, It's everything you could want. " - Vince Gill

"This bridge is the result of years of frustration." -Tom Bukovac

"The improvement in intonation and playability is such a joy to discover that I can't recommend it more highly." - Robben Ford

"The Stud Finder finally gets it right! The intonation is finally right now, the strings fall on the fingerboard where they should, the tone is awesome AND it looks right to the guitar. Well done!" - Jerry McPherson


This bridge does not address the problems on reissue LPs, only on the original guitars. ALSO, because Gibson used studs with a variety of diameters installation might require replacement studs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Gabby L
Excellent modern upgrade for 50s Les Paul Jr!

I recently bought a '58 Les Paul Jr with an original bridge and studs. The top was worn pretty substantially, and the intonation and tuning stability weren't great. I put on a reliced Music City compensated bridge and it made a huge difference! Easy, reversible, worthwhile upgrade.

Ryan Dailey
Never fails

Put on another Vintage Gibson. Perfection. Exsqueezy.

Mitchell Glicksman
Waking up a lovely old girl

Five stars for sure. The original wrapaound bridge on my '59 Goldtop was quite worn after 70 years of use, as might be expected. I was getting dead and sitar notes all the time. The rest of the guitar being in excellent shape, the old girl wanted and deserved some love and care.
Your replacement "Stud Finder" bridge was just the ticket. It fit very snugly onto the original posts and after a proper setup, I was amazed at how responsive and toneful she now is.
Your bridge really woke up my lovely old girl and she plays and sounds just as Gibson and Mr. Paulfus intended, to be the finest electric guitar in the world.
Thank you so much or making such an intelligently designed and beautifully crafted bridge.

dami hughes
Fantastic Product

completely transformed my 54 junior thanks to Uncle larry YouTube channel :)

This bridge changed everything

I no longer have the frustration of playing and constantly going out of tune. Really great bridge. Resonates when not plugged in.

Kirby Gregory
It’s fabulous!

Thanks so much, it completely transformed my 58 Junior… I can’t stop playing it.

James Sator
Stud Finder on my new R4

It’s awesome!! I’m so glad I bought and waited to have Dylan Jenkins from the Gibson Garage go to your place and picked this up for my Les Paul, I heard so much about the stock wrap around bridge being so unreliable that I didn’t want to take a chance on being upset and disappointed, since I live 6 hours away ! I’m very happy with my decision, now you need to send me a x-large shirt so I can sport it when I take my R4 out to open mic nights!!

Jeremy Patterson aka Tombstone Slim
Game changer!

Installed the “Stud Finder” tailpiece on my LP Junior DC. It sounded great before but now it’s AMAZING! Perfectly intonated and super chimey. I didn’t think I could love that guitar any more than I did but this tailpiece changed the game!!

John Kunz
Buy these NOW !

Couldn't be happier........the old Gibsons are now in tune and sound pure, no buzzing or any unwanted sounds.

Robert Hughes

I am a working touring Blues Guitarist.I have, and love my 1959 Les Paul Junior. I have wanted the Guitar to be a world-class player, BUT it had issues including intonation, uneven spacing of strings, sitar'ing, sustain life, etc. Once I installed the Music City "Stud Finder" Compensated wraparound tailpiece, ALL THE ISSUES WENT AWAY! It is like having a brand new, and exciting instrument. Many thanks to Music City ... they have a bridge to sell you!

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