“Stud Finder” Compensated wraparound tailpiece, 1953 - 1960 Gibson Replacement Bridge (Polished Nickel)

Music City Bridge

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The best replacement Wraparound Tailpiece for 1950s and 1960s original Gibsons with offset bridge studs.

The Stud Finder corrects all of the original stop bar problems.

-Extended treble-side collar and compensated top for accurate intonation.

-Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.

-Extended treble-side collar gives metal-on-metal contact. This means better tone, sustain and NO MORE TIPPING!

-Low profile so you can set your action as low as you want to.

-No sitar buzz!

Customer feedback: 

"In tune, great sustain, sounds amazing, It's everything you could want. " - Vince Gill

"This bridge is the result of years of frustration." -Tom Bukovac

"The improvement in intonation and playability is such a joy to discover that I can't recommend it more highly." - Robben Ford

"The Stud Finder finally gets it right! The intonation is finally right now, the strings fall on the fingerboard where they should, the tone is awesome AND it looks right to the guitar. Well done!" - Jerry McPherson


This bridge does not address the problems on reissue LPs, only on the original guitars. ALSO, because Gibson used studs with a variety of diameters installation might require replacement studs like those offered by TonePros (we like the locking studs).

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Craig McKelvey
Best thing ever!

Works Perfectly! Uncle Larry (aka Tom Bukovac) recommends this.
Nuff said…..1959 Les Paul Jr. 3/4 scale!

Ronald Medeiros
Stud Finder Bridge

Great fit. Nice to have intonation right. Great quality

curtis beck
les paul jr

worked great !!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Gambon
Brilliant design

Works great, intonates perfectly, very well made. Only concern, and it might just be my experience, it didn’t fit into my studs. Either the bridge was too thick or my studs too narrow. I dug thru my parts bins and found two that fit, most didn’t. It would be super cool if you also made studs to go with the bridge.

Dave Grice
Stud Finder Was the One

I got my Stud Finder in the mail today and promptly installed that sucker on my 2021 Gibson LP junior. It fixed the one nagging thing that I didn’t totally love about my little Junior, and it now intonates and plays spot-on in-tune all the way up and down the neck, INCLUDING cowboy chords in first position.

A-Maz-Ing job fellas, I’m a very grateful customer. I was starting to think I’d never get this guitar quite right.

I’ll point out too, that I had already tried the factory Gibson bridge (nope) and MojoAxe CWT (better, but still nope). The Stud Finder nailed it.

Works great

Improved the intonation, and allowed me to get the action significantly lower. Thanks!

peter scott

Can’t put my 55 Junior down thanks to the stud finder… what else can I say? Man oh man.. over the moon and in tune!!!

Lars Ranthe

A fantastic upgrade to my 56 tv special
Now in true tune

Jiri Vanourek

It's 1000% better than the original. But they still lacked a bit of perfection.

Takahiro K.

I received the parts today. I used it for the bridge of epiphone Olympic 3/4 model. can adjust the octave tuning perfectly. Thank you for selling such a wonderful product!

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