"The Savvy" - Compensated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)

Music City Bridge

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“The Savvy” - A compensated wraparound tailpiece compatible with a vast majority of wraptail guitars.

The Savvy Bridge was designed with input from dozens of Nashville studio guitar players to get the intonation line, string spacing, and sound just right. The Savvy uses a custom-designed alloy for improved tone and sustain. 

The Savvy Bridge is an intonated wraparound tailpiece to be used as a direct replacement for most wraptail guitars.

The Savvy Bridges features:

  • Compensated top for accurate intonation.
  • Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.
  • Clean break-angle to do away with “sitaring”.
  • Custom alloy for improved sustain.

How to know if The Savvy Bridge is right for your guitar…

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Greg Woods

"The Savvy" - Compensated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)


Just a great upgrade from the stock bridge on my 2019 LP Special.

David Harris

The bridge work great on a 2011 Les Paul Jr.. really helped with playability.
Hey guys the screws included with the 3-string keeper was way to shorts.

Michael Pfeifer
In tune now

Plays great and in tune melody maker. Looks authentic.

Brendan K
Intonation domination

I’ve been playing and collecting for most of my life. I recently added Les Paul Junior, and I was slightly frustrated with stock bridge. I never upgrade or change out guitar parts, preferring to keeps things stock. This was the one exception to that philosophy. I ordered it, it arrived within a couple of days. It was a quick and straightforward install to the stock screws. I set the intonation for the low and high E strings with a few turns. Boom! It works great. This basement player who occasionally plays to standing room lonely crowds fully endorses and recommends this bridge. Thanks for solving the problem. BK

R Braden
Fits my 2019 LP Special better than the MojoAxe bridge.

Had the MojoAxe bridge first but prefer the MusicCity bridge because it does not slant like the MojoAxe compensated bridge does. I also like the intonation better than the original Gibson bridge. Nice improvement. Highly recommended! Uncle Larry uses this so that counts for a lot too.

Adam Gray
Perfect Special Bridge!

I have tried other bridges for my LP special but this one is definitely the best. Basically it just works. Intonation is perfect and this has, by far, the best resonance to the guitar both acoustically and plugged in. Well done guys!

Al T
2022 Les Paul Junior

I installed a “Savy” bridge. Excellent product that allowed spot on intonation. Service was great delivery was quick and support on the preorder was timely. I will definitely use music city bridges on my future juniors and specials

Benjamin Clement
nice very very light bridge!

very much in tune too!

Cess M.

Great product that works as advertised. I replaced the stock 'lightning bar' bridge and put the Music City Bridge 'savvy' on my Dbl-cut Jr. It now plays in tune (it was always slightly out before) and the strings go over the pick-up pole pieces, which improved the tone/clarity. It made a good guitar into something I have a hard time putting down.I'm very happy with the results and would recommend this product.

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