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Music City Bridge

"The Savvy" - Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece

"The Savvy" - Compensated Wraparound Tailpiece

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“The Savvy” - A compensated wraparound tailpiece compatible with a vast majority of wraptail guitars.

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The Savvy Bridge was designed with input from dozens of Nashville studio guitar players to get the intonation line, string spacing, and sound just right. The Savvy uses a custom-designed alloy for improved tone and sustain. 

The Savvy Bridge is an intonated wraparound tailpiece to be used as a direct replacement for most wraptail guitars.

The Savvy Bridges features:

  • Compensated top for accurate intonation.
  • Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.
  • Clean break-angle to do away with “sitaring”.
  • Custom alloy for improved sustain.

How to know if The Savvy Bridge is right for your guitar…

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Customer Reviews

Based on 294 reviews
Dean Alleger
Because Uncle Larry

Recommended by Tom Bukovac this tailpiece solved the buzzing and sketchy tuning on my Les Paul Junior. Plus, quick delivery and responsive customer service.

Christopher C

They should call this thing The Redeemer. I mean why didn’t someone tell me I was so out of tune come on. Emailed music city with a question, they got right back to me. Savvy in hand a couple days later. Saved my R4 oxblood from the scrap pile. And it looks good. Easy drop-in upgrade. Massive improvement. Only took someone 70 years to figure it out

Joel P
The Savvy on 2019 SG Special

Install on a 2019 SG Special was a breeze. While the P90's are closer to the bridge on this model than vintage ones (as noted in another review) I didn't have too much difficulty adjusting the height, just takes a bit more time. Once locked in, the bridge is flat and solid and looks great. There is a slight improvement in sustain and the overall feel of the guitar is more solid, especially noticeable when playing slide. Tonally, it is a little more ''hi-fi' sounding than the stock bar which may or may not be to everyone's taste. I like it. The intonation has improved but the most noticeable change is how the arc of the bridge matches the fretboard radius perfectly. The stock bridge was not even and needed filing. Overall I think this is a great product.

Joe Hazy
Savvy Tailpiece

What a difference the Savvy made on my LP Jr. Reissue! Easy install too, Many Thanks MCB and Tom B!

James Cigler
Even better than expected!

Not only did my 57’ reissue Jr sound better immediately, it also played better. I was shocked to get even slightly lower action without buzzing. The locking bridge pins clearly make a difference with transferring more vibration to the body, the notes leap out of the guitar even more than before. Absolutely amazing.

Matthew J Bowe
Gibson R4 Bridge Replacement

The snazzy Savvy Bridge and locking mounting studs have proven to be an indespensable improvement to my Gibson R4 guitar.

Installation was simple and provided instantly recognizable results.

Special thanks to Tom Bukovac and his Homeskoolin' videos for spreading the gospel according to Glaser Instruments!

Bruce Barron
A Real Upgrade

Often upgrades are upgrades in name only. However, the Music City Savvy wraparound bridge and locking studs are a real deal upgrade. They have not only sorted the intonation problems on my Les Paul jnr., but also improved the sound.
Well worth the money, highly recommend.

Michael Schlick
MCB Savvy Bridge

Put this on my 2024 Les Paul jr with the MCB Locking studs and couldn't be happier! Intonates perfectly and stays locked in place! Well worth it! Well done!

Timothy Griffin
So worth it.

I've had my Custom Shop 1960 LP Special for many years. I've always wanted to love this guitar. It's beautiful, but the intonation was for shit. I put the Music City bridge on last Saturday, dialed it it in and man, what a game changer. The Les Paul is finally everything I dreamed it could be! This may be the best $100 I've ever spent. I only wish I had seen that there was an aged version available.

John O.
Upgraded vintage Junior

Installed easily on my 64 SG Jr using the MCB locking studs, looks appropriately vintage, and most importantly, makes intonation perfect while adding resonant sustain and acoustic volume over what it replaced. Clearly designed by folks who spend their days making good guitars better.

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