"The Savvy" - Intonated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)

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Introducing the “The Savvy” - An intonated wraparound tailpiece for Gibson guitars made between 1961 and today.

Like our Stud Finder Bridge (for Gibson’s made from 1953 - 1960), The Savvy Bridge was designed with input from dozens of Nashville studio guitar players to get the intonation line, string spacing, and sound just right. The Savvy uses a custom-designed alloy for improved tone and sustain. 

The Savvy Bridge is an intonated wraparound tailpiece to be used as a direct replacement for the original Gibson bridge.

The Savvy Bridges features:

  • Compensated top for accurate intonation.
  • Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.
  • Clean break-angle to do away with “sitaring”.
  • Custom alloy for improved sustain.

How to know if The Savvy Bridge is right for your guitar…

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Bo Davis
Solution to my problem!

Recently purchased a 2022 Gibson Les Paul Special and wasn't satisfied with the way it was intonating and the bridge tilt was bugging me. The Savvy fixed my intonation issues, however I still wasn't satisfied with the bridge tilt because of how far back the tailpiece had to be moved for correct intonation. I then purchased some Top-Adjustable Locking studs from Schroeder Guitar Hardware after reading some reviews and Wa La! The tailpiece may not fix the common bridge tilt issue (depending on your guitar) but cures intonation issues. If you're picky about your stuff, this is a great upgrade! Thanks Music City :-)

Will C.
Must have!

Corrected my intonation problems perfectly on a 2019 SG Junior. If you’re having doubts, pull the trigger. This thing is legit.

Tim Jarratt
Looks good and works!

I ordered "The Savvy" to replace a poorly installed Leo Quan Badass that was put on my 1964 Gibson Melody Maker in the 70s. Even though the Badass has better control of intonation, the sound was never as good and the play in the posts caused the bridge to sit at a bad angle.

I also got a pair of Tone Pro II posts so I could lock down the new bridge properly.

The new bridge arrived from Music City Bridges quickly and installed fairly easily. I recommend that you follow the advice of setting the post height as close as possible BEFORE putting strings on. The small supplied wrench can be awkward to use if the posts are off the deck a bit.

Intonation was a breeze and nearly good enough without adjustment! I'm also hearing more depth in tone since the upgrade. It has changed the tone enough to elevate the old Gibson back into the "rotation"!

I also must warn your Canadian customers that UPS charges about 1/3 of the price of the bridge in brokerage fees (which seems a little excessive to me).

Cincy Kid
No more Sitar

Installed on my 2019 LP Special. Very happy with this bridge. Intonation was improved and it also eliminated that sitar effect of the stock bridge. Highly recommend the Savvy.

James Cooper
So good I had to buy another one.

Put the first one on my DC Junior and liked it so much I got another one for my DC Special. Great product. As good if not better than advertised.

Charles Price

I have bought others. The Savvy is the best wraparound bridge for installing on your Gibson USA guitar. Precise intonation is found quickly and the overall sound improves instantly. And, last but not least, it looks right. Buy one!

Mark Dynarski
Superb value

I had a 2011 LP Melody Maker and it drove me nuts with action that was too high and poor intonation (even after it was set up by a luthier). I installed the Savvy bridge and boom, no more issues. For the money, it can't be beat.

Now, as to why Gibson would use bridges that were so poor, that's another question.

Henrik Andersen Solheim
Great upgrade!

Aside from taking care of intonation, it also enhances the overall tone of the guitar, making it a little brighter and fuller sounding, and increased sustain on all strings. Although its a sutle difference, it made my already great 2021 gibson les paul special a much better sounding guitar.
(Check out the band Kryptograf from Norway)

Joshua Dilworth

allowed for perfect intonation with a classic, streamlined wraparound look

Kent Purpura
No more sitaring!

The bridge is easy to install, intonation is almost perfect, tuning stability much improved, and no more sitaring on the high E string, which was driving me crazy. Also, it has brightened the tone of the guitar, and it seems to be more resonant now. This was money well spent. I couldn’t gig the guitar prior to installing the new bridge. Now, it is good to go. (2019 Les Paul Special)