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Music City Bridge

"The Savvy" - Compensated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)

"The Savvy" - Compensated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)

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“The Savvy” - A compensated wraparound tailpiece compatible with a vast majority of wraptail guitars.

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The Savvy Bridge was designed with input from dozens of Nashville studio guitar players to get the intonation line, string spacing, and sound just right. The Savvy uses a custom-designed alloy for improved tone and sustain. 

The Savvy Bridge is an intonated wraparound tailpiece to be used as a direct replacement for most wraptail guitars.

The Savvy Bridges features:

  • Compensated top for accurate intonation.
  • Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.
  • Clean break-angle to do away with “sitaring”.
  • Custom alloy for improved sustain.

How to know if The Savvy Bridge is right for your guitar…

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Jack Verbraak
Perfect Replacement

Perfect Replacement for the standard wraparound tailpiece. It fits perfect and it solves the intonation problems.

Philip Riedel

"The Savvy" - Compensated wraparound tailpiece (Polished Nickel)

Dave Smart
Problem Solved!

Superbly engineered and a great fit. My 2022 Les Paul Junior now feels rock solid and stays in tune perfectly!


This bridge made my 2021 Gibson SG Special so much better. I've tried so many different wraparound bridges and this literally blows them all away. Don't hesitate. Get one. I'm not here to just write a review, I'm buying a second one as a backup!

Tim Gunneson
Worth the upgrade

The Savvy bridge was a great upgrade to my 2019 LP TV Yellow Special. Improved sustain, plays in tune and you still get that vintage look. Gibson should put these on all their wrap around guitars that don't have any intonation marks on the bridge. It makes such an improvement in tone, playability and intonation over the standard 50's wrap around bridge. I was hesitant to try it but Uncle Larry's video got me to bite and I'm sure glad I did. I owe you a couple rolling rocks uncle Larry :) and keep up the informative and helpful videos.

stuart brown
Beefy clarity

I’m digging this “Savvy” bridge coupled with a new hand-carved bone nut on my ‘20 jr. There is a certain beefy clarity that is coming through. Anything that makes you want to play your guitar more and experiment with sounds has got to be good!

David Story
Works as Advertised

I’m very pleased with the Savvy Wrap-around Bridge. It immediately fixed all the annoying intonation issues I was having with a new 2022 Les Paul Jr. I recently purchased. It did so while still maintaining the 50’s vintage aesthetic of the guitar.

I would highly recommend this bridge to anyone needing to upgrade the performance of a stock Gibson wrap around bridge.

dcs in Waterville Ohio.

Joseph Schaumann
2020 LP Jr

Greatly improved tuning, still not perfect, but good enough for rocknroll. Still had bridge tilt, so I swapped the studs to locking tonerpros.

John Hughes
Ahhh, music sweet music

This made my SG junior play in pitch all the way up the neck for the first time. Thanks to you all at Music City and Tom Bukovac for his recommends! Simply awesome. Couldn't thank you enough!!!

Shockingly good!

Honestly, I was skeptical that this bridge could live up to the hype. But Uncle Larry raves about it, and I needed a wrap around tailpiece, so I got it. Super impressed at how well it intonates and sounds. All retaining the vintage aesthetic. The only disappointment I have about the Music City bridge is that using it on my LP Special does not make me play like Tom Bukovac.

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