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Music City Bridge

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

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MCB Locking Studs - Designed to work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

Get 25% off MCB Locking Studs when purchased with a Savvy or Stud Finder Bridge.

MCB Locking Studs pair perfectly with our Savvy or Stud Finder bridges, and will work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

They feature a top and bottom section that allow you to fasten the studs tightly to your bridge. This can improve action, remove tipping, and eliminate sitarring. 

The MCB Locking Studs feature a totally unique design that preserves the look of traditional studs but allows for a perfect fit with your bridge. The lower section of the stud is recessed to receive the barrel of the upper stud, creating a seal between the two pieces. 

What's more, the supplied adjustment tools make it easy to change action and tighten the locking section.

Note: We plan to sell bushings and a metric option in the future. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Mike Clark
    1959 Les Paul Jr rebuild

    both the MCB Studs and the MCB Wraparound Bridge with the elongated treble side worked perfectly on a customer repair.

    Steph Cousins
    It's Jeff, not Steph

    I'll let you know when it gets here, but I assume it's amazing

    My Les paul Special TV 2023 gets better!

    At one time I thought the original Gibson bridge was not bad. But I gradually became concerned about the "buzz". I replaced it with a Savvy bridge and lock studs, and the "buzz" went away. The sound is clearer and tighter than the original bridge with the locking studs. You can hear it clearly when you listen to it! The octave tuning was also OK as long as I matched it with the 1st and 6th strings. Obviously, the chord tones are now musically better than the original bridge. It works better if you get a set of lock studs as well, rather than just the Savvy bridge.
    Thanks to Nice Products.
    Also, customer service was very helpful, thank you.

    Chuck Bouscaren
    MCB locking Studs

    These made the MCB Savvy wraparound trail piece installation very easy. These threaded directly into the existing internally threaded thimbles helping to replace the stock studs perfectly. Once the new tailpiece is installed and intonation set, they tighten down and essentially clamp the bridge/tailpiece into a flat position, doing away with the forward slant of the stock parts.

    Marcelo Souza
    Mcb locking studs

    Great service, great quality, i highly recommend this brand.

    Makes the Savvy bridge even better!

    These studs make sure the Savvy bridge on my guitars is exactly flush with the body so no string buzzing and the guitar has even more sustain overall. Just as advertised by Uncle Larry!

    Ronald Jennings
    As advertised

    Fixed the bridge lean and has a broader frequency response than the original bridge.

    Ryan Roupe
    Locking Studs

    Absolutely needed these. The tolerance on the stock Gibsons were too loose which caused bridge leaning, poor intonation, weak pickup response, and wonky string tension.

    These studs, along with the savvy bridge solved all of these issues. My guitar is now everything I wanted it to be from the get go.

    No real issues with the hardware, but the locking mechanism, using 2 supplied wrenches, is kind of cumbersome. Adjusting height or intonation requires several moves as well as slackening the strings beforehand. Just goes with the territory I guess. Only improvement I can think of is a better wrenching mechanism. It’s sometimes hard to get a good bite with the wrenches.

    All in all, still very happy. It’s everything it’s cracked up to be. Thanks for making my guitar playable again.

    Don Denson
    Best studs I've tried

    They do everything they claim and do it well! Set and forget!

    Dennis Richards
    Great upgrade

    I recently put a set of locking studs on my LPjr. That was a great upgrade and works like magic with the Savvy bridge…Thanks Tom Bukovac for the suggestion!

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