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Music City Bridge

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

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MCB Locking Studs - Designed to work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

Get 25% off MCB Locking Studs when purchased with a Savvy or Stud Finder Bridge.

MCB Locking Studs pair perfectly with our Savvy or Stud Finder bridges, and will work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

They feature a top and bottom section that allow you to fasten the studs tightly to your bridge. This can improve action, remove tipping, and eliminate sitarring. 

The MCB Locking Studs feature a totally unique design that preserves the look of traditional studs but allows for a perfect fit with your bridge. The lower section of the stud is recessed to receive the barrel of the upper stud, creating a seal between the two pieces. 

What's more, the supplied adjustment tools make it easy to change action and tighten the locking section.

Note: We plan to sell bushings and a metric option in the future. 

Note: If you are based in the EU you might consider purchasing this product from our distributing partner Kitarapaja to reduce shipping costs:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 81 reviews
    Mert Demir

    It’s by far the best wraparound ever installed to one of my guitars!

    Steven Koves
    Savvy on 63 Gibson LP Jr

    This is the third Savvy I have purchased, one for 63 Melody Maker, Firebird 1 and 63 LP Jr. I have heard a definite change in tone, added sustain and an ease with proper intonation, instantly! Its everything Tom Bukovac said, and more. I also purchased the locking studs, which also makes a difference, totally. Very happy with this product and would recommend it 100%.

    Stephen Shearin
    Well thought out problem solver

    I purchased the MCB Locking Studs with “The Savvy” wrap tail bridge for my Gibson Les Paul Special. I found the whole package easy to install & reasonably
    easy to adjust & fine tune. Absolutely the best solution I have found in 30+years.
    Thank you!

    Robb Titone
    MCB locking studs

    The locking studs are a must.!! Anyone who buys any bridge at Music City Bridge, should definitely consider the locking studs.! they lock the bridge down flat to the studs, the way it should be..! Just be careful when intonating the strings, do not tighten the locking studs too much, so you don’t strip out the set screws on the outside of each end of bridge..

    John London
    Excellent but take instructions seriously!

    Do NOT try to adjust while under full string tension and do NOT overtighten. 'Almost' gave this 4 stars because they're not the easiest equipment to work with for setting up and intonating. But when your done, Wow! So worth it! I plan to install these on every applicable guitar I own and will recommend to my customers.

    No more lean!!!

    Fit great,no more lean,and more resonance!

    Eric Heuschele
    What an improvement!

    Replaced the bridge and studs on my SG Special. Easy install. It now has perfect intonation and improved sustain. I highly recommend.

    Seth Yacovone
    Need to return the studs, thanks!

    Hello the studs look great, but they don't fit my guitar. The bridge is awesome! It has transformed my McInturff guitar but I can't use the studs. I sent an email last week but I need to return them. Can I just mail them back with my order info? Any help is much appreciated

    Mike Cherry Bomb Fort Wayne
    Locking Studs

    Works perfectly. Replaced the wrap bridge on my LP Jr with the Savvy. Improved intonation. However if you don’t get the MC studs though the new bridge is better it leaves the bridge angled. Do yourself a favor and purchase the locking studs along with the new bridge from the start and it will keep the bridge parallel to the body nice a tight.
    As always great service from MC.

    Gregg Harold
    Very good

    Works as expected.

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