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Music City Bridge

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

MCB Locking Studs (Standard)

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MCB Locking Studs - Designed to work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

Get 25% off MCB Locking Studs when purchased with a Savvy or Stud Finder Bridge.

MCB Locking Studs pair perfectly with our Savvy or Stud Finder bridges, and will work with virtually any bridge or stop bar. 

They feature a top and bottom section that allow you to fasten the studs tightly to your bridge. This can improve action, remove tipping, and eliminate sitarring. 

The MCB Locking Studs feature a totally unique design that preserves the look of traditional studs but allows for a perfect fit with your bridge. The lower section of the stud is recessed to receive the barrel of the upper stud, creating a seal between the two pieces. 

What's more, the supplied adjustment tools make it easy to change action and tighten the locking section.

Note: We plan to sell bushings and a metric option in the future. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    James Schultz
    One and done - Les Paul Junior 57 CS

    First, with the old bridge, I measured the string height from the body to underside of the high and low E strings. Adjusted the height of the new, just snug-tighten the screws, and done. No need to bear-down on it, the strings themselves add tension. Stable now and stays in tune.

    Ross Brown
    Game Changer

    Purchased the locking studs and savy for my 2021 Les Paul Junior. Total game changer. Not only is it perfectly intonated and staying in tune, but it also resonates better. I initially installed the bridge on the stock studs and got a pretty gnarly bridge tilt, but the release of the locking studs fixed that completely and the guitar feels and sounds better than ever. It’s not sexy to upgrade a bridge, but I can’t recommend this product enough. Shout out to uncle Larry for the recommendation

    Craig Bowling
    MCB Locking Studs 👌

    Compliments the Savvy bridge well.
    Tightens the overall feel , I had purchased the Savvy bridge first without the MCB Locking Studs.
    The tilt was bugging me , so glad I’ve addressed the tilting issues.
    My LP Jnr has never sounded better.
    The transfer of resonance travels through the neck up into the headstock.
    Feels alive even before plugging into an amp !
    Well done MCB team ,
    Craig Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

    timothy longworth
    These Studs ain’t Duds

    No lean tight and clean sound Ike a dream, 2 free tools to make you drool
    Good to tighten and heighten yer playing joy

    Geoff Clarkson
    Perfect intonation, no “sitarring”, improved everything!

    I have a 2022 Gibson LP special, and the “savvy” bridge coupled with the MCS locking studs vanquished all problems associated with the stock set up and quite literally improved the guitar’s resonance, sustain and overall playability. Worth every cent.

    James Gale
    Perked up a Godin Core HB!

    The OEM bridge was adjustable but I needed more snap out of the instrument. A quick check confirmed the OEM inserts were Imperial thread and off the races! I used the tried and true loosen and adjust, measure, repeat to zone in on the intonation. The lockdown is solid, Jackson. Glad I tried it. Side eyeing a Hamer wraptail now...

    Michael Magewick
    Savvy bridge on SG Special.

    This bridge from MCB took a while to install due to my very bad eyesight, not because of the bridge at all. I had to place a scale at the outside of each E string, measured from the bottom of each string to the body at specified points and had to take a picture of each side and then enlarge the pic's so I could read the measurements. (Now I know how Mr. Magoo feels!).

    I had to go back and forth a good few times to get the string heights to my liking (again, bad eyes) and while I'm still not quite there the effort has been well worth it. I still have to tweak the bridge height a tiny bit and the intonation is barely (and I mean barely out) but even so, this guitar now sounds in tune. The high E intonation is showing barely flat while the low E intonation is pretty much spot on but again, I still have to do a final tweak of it all. Currently, the intonation on the rest of the strings are either barely sharp or barely flat but I'll tell ya, when playing different chord inversions up the neck I don't hear any fault as I did before with the stock compensated bridge.

    I would highly recommend this bridge because it works. I would also recommend watching the installation video's that MCB has on their website.

    Great job MCB! Very satisfied customer here!

    Troy Schoenmeier
    Fit like a glove!

    Perfectly machined, locks down on the bridge - no more cocked bridge, A++

    Robert Corbin
    Locking studs on my Les Paul Special

    The locking studs take the loose “play” out of the connection with the bridge, and connects tightly. It looks better and, I think, sounds better

    Ted Kellison
    Great solution!

    These studs are great - very nicely made and well designed. Over the years I've tried several different studs on this old '65 SG Jr and even modified some washers to cure the tilt. These are an instant solution at a great price! And you won't find better customer service anywhere!

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