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Nut Rescue Kit, Lubricated Nut Repair Powder (Black, Cream, Bright)

Nut Rescue Kit, Lubricated Nut Repair Powder (Black, Cream, Bright)

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"A simple nut repair solution that will blend right in and leave you with a stable and lubricated nut slot." - Joe Glaser (Owner, Glaser Instruments)

Nut Rescue is a unique blend of materials made to perfectly fill and lubricate a slot and look great. Developed for over 25 years in a pro repair shop, this excellent resource is now a product (per frequent request).

Originality and efficiency are important to us all and sometimes it makes good sense to fill and recut an instrument nut - rather than replacing it. For this, Nut Rescue can be used and handled in the same way you use baking soda and/or bone dust to fill nuts but with the added benefit of great color match, durability, sound, and lubrication.

Nut Rescue comes in a set of three shades to match most nuts:

  • Black (Graphite, Ebony, Buffalo)
  • Cream (Aged or Natural Bone, Ivory, Tusq)
  • Bright (Modern Bleached Bone and Corian)

Why it matters:

When a guitar string is bent, string is borrowed from behind the nut and friction is a problem. Nut Rescue's low friction is critical for tuning and its long wearability allows many original nuts to be saved and give years of use. This spares a neck the wear and tear of replacement, saves time, and is a valuable repair.

All three colors take CA glue nicely and without discoloration.


1) Clean the slot with a file

2) Score the slot with a razor

3) Use the included applicator to fill the slot with Nut Rescue (tamp it down gently)

4) Touch the slot with a bead of thin superglue (let the glue cure)

5) File to preferred height

Nut Rescue is protected by US Patent #: 11643614


You can also buy our product with StewMac.

Note: If you are based in the EU you might consider purchasing this product from our distributing partner Kitarapaja to reduce shipping costs:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
William Zurowski

Your service and products fantastic. Love doing business with your company.

Drew Stawin
Nut Rescue Kit

The solution to fix the nut.

Jonathan Kiedrowski
It actually works

I’ve been honing my skills for years with various aspects of guitar repair. Working on nuts has been the last thing I’ve wanted to mess with. This product has allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them without the fear of immediately needing to get a guitar repaired and a nut replaced. I just fixed a large mistake and used it in all six slots of a guitar. It was so easy to work with and now everything plays perfectly.

Chuck Panno
Nut Rescue Kit,

Perfect. Thank You!!

Nut Rescue Kit

I had read about this product online and really didn't want to replace the nut. The slot on the high e string on my J 45 was too low. I ordered this kit and within less than 1 hour I had cut the slot and my guitar was playing wonderfully. If you're thinking about buying this's a no it NOW. You won't be disappointed.

Chet Hinesley

Nut Rescue Kit, Lubricated Nut Repair Powder (Black, Cream, Bright)

Jay Langan
Easy nut repair

This product works great, I don’t have to save the dust from saddle and nut work anymore.


Nut Rescue Kit, Lubricated Nut Repair Powder (Black, Cream, Bright)

JR Bondy
Nut rescue colors

Honestly I haven’t used it yet but the colors look like a match for most nuts…and it looks like I’ll have enough to last for a long time.

Dave Case
Very easy to use!

I fixed my first poorly cut nut with this - so simple, super convenient!

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