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Music City Bridge

Nut Slot Gauge

Nut Slot Gauge

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Introducing the Music City Bridge “Nut Slot Gauge.” This simple and effective tool ensures you achieve the lowest possible nut action while eliminating open-string buzz. 

With four built-in preferences of bump up above a "zero" fret - 0.000 (in thousandths of inches), 0.003, 0.005, and 0.008, the Nut Slot Gauge easily and accurately measures your nut slots' current height, with or without strings, and unaffected by action or the truss rod setting. This helps you achieve the softest feel and also the least detuning due to grip.

How to use the Nut Slot Gauge:

  1. Move the string out of the slot.
  2. Place the measuring gauge into the slot and slide the tool towards the bridge.
  3. If you hear a click, then the nut is taller than the gauge.
  4. If you don't, the nut is lower than the gauge.

“The ultimate way to check nut height.” - Joe Glaser, Glaser Instruments

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric Satterfield

Wish I had this earlier. This tool makes it so much faster and easier to get the proper slot height. Before this tool I had to measure and mark and put the string back in the slot and Che k the height. Now I just file and use the nut slot guage and when I am done I put the string in the slot and move on. Such a simple yet effective tool that makes one of my least favorite tasks much less aggravating.

Alan Ford
Nut Slot Gauge Another Essential Tool for Dialing in Comfortable String Height

This simple, straight forward tool will quickly and easily alert you to string slots that are cut too deep or high into the nut which, when corrected, substantially improves the feel, playability and tone of your guitar. My experience is a little filing goes a long way towards perfecting String action at the first fret and will then be much improved across the entire neck. So far, majority of guitars that I have e adjusted were cut too high and needed lowering by at least .008’’.
Watch Joe’s instructional video, understand the use of the tool, then get to it! You will wish you had this tool since you have been setting up guitars. Brilliant idea and works as advertised. Happy slotting (or salvaging) with the pleasure derived from mastering this essential set-up procedure.

Stevie Mac
Nut Slot Gauge is an Awesome Tool & Time Saver! Buy IT!

Great Consistent Tool that's well worth the money.

5 STARS!!!
Buy it!

Raphael Cohen
Tool you didn’t know you needed

Simple yet elegant design.
Makes the job so much easier and quicker.
Get a bunch, use em and give some away as gifts. Your friends will thank you.

A simple and reliable tool.

This little device -- a rectangle of stiff plastic with precise taper on three corners-- measures the elevation of the nut slot relative to the first fret with consistent accuracy. Unlike fancier and more complicated tools, you can check ten times and get the same result every time, making the process of cutting not slots much faster and much less nerve-wracking. If you have trained your ear to judge nut height by string tapping you might still want one of these for the last thousandth of an inch. Measures differentials of 0,3,5,and 8 thousandths.

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    Music City Bridge products are designed by Joe Glaser and the master technicians at Glaser Instruments. Our offerings are the result of decades of experience and are trusted by professional musicians around the world.

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