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Music City Bridge

Three String Tree, String Retainer

Three String Tree, String Retainer

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The Three String Tree by Music City Bridge is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the buzzy G string on your 6-in-a-line headstock guitar. 

Do you wish your Fender style guitar had a better break angle for the G string? Do you have a vintage or valuable guitar that you don’t want to alter by drilling for a second string tree? The Three String Tree is for you! It solves these problems by using the existing screw hole from the original string tree. The Three String Tree functions like a normal string tree but has an extra wing that reaches over and grabs the G string, giving it just the right amount of downward pull. It comes with three heights of Fender-style nylon risers to allow you to choose any break angle you desire.

User Feedback:

“It’s brilliant, Fucking Awesome. Why didn’t they make this in 1963?” - Kenny Vaughan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 422 reviews
Mike Weiss
Three string tree

It’s a nice touch, I bought a few extras just to have on hand.

Alan W Kinnard
Unique String Tree

This is a unique product. The only issue I had was with one guitar, the "D" string needed a tree. So, I had to use two doubles, but otherwise, the triple tree is a cool option. I've only just used them, so I DO NOT know how robust the plastic risers are.

Brian Edwards
Three String Tree, String Retainer

Easy to install and works very well. Highly recommended!

scott pizziconi

Three String Tree, String Retainer

mark kingsley
3 String Tree

Works well to add tension to the third string. Relic is nice too.

Jamie McNabb
Great solution!

Instead of installing a second string tree I opted for this. My Tele's G string had almost no break angle at the nut and tended to wander out of tune. After a couple of weeks of playing with the Three String Tree installed, tuning is more stable. Great solution by Music City Bridge!

J.D. Sky
Better than 2

Ok this MCB string retainer is perfect for my Telecaster. Holding 3 strings IS better than 2!
It was long overdue .
Thanks MCB

James M. Lupino
Innovative Classic Evolution

(Forehead Slap!) It took this long for someone to do it this way? There are other products that do the same thing, but MCB did it in the classic style that allows it to integrate into classic and modern designs without drawing too much attention to itself. Nicely Done!

Works Better than I Hoped

Took care of the harmonic type buzz from behind the nut. Looks awesome and was able to get the perfect height for each of the strings. Exactly what my new tele needed.

James Roberts
Where is it

Where is it

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