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Music City Bridge

Three String Tree, String Retainer

Three String Tree, String Retainer

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The Three String Tree by Music City Bridge is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the buzzy G string on your 6-in-a-line headstock guitar. 

Do you wish your Fender style guitar had a better break angle for the G string? Do you have a vintage or valuable guitar that you don’t want to alter by drilling for a second string tree? The Three String Tree is for you! It solves these problems by using the existing screw hole from the original string tree. The Three String Tree functions like a normal string tree but has an extra wing that reaches over and grabs the G string, giving it just the right amount of downward pull. It comes with three heights of Fender-style nylon risers to allow you to choose any break angle you desire.

User Feedback:

“It’s brilliant, Fucking Awesome. Why didn’t they make this in 1963?” - Kenny Vaughan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 518 reviews
Great idea.... however...

It pains me to not write a glowing review for this product, as I absolutely love the idea.
However, received the product today, and elected to install it on a Kotzen Signature Tele as per the original string tree (i.e without a spacer, thus maximum break angle from the nut towards headstock). I'm running a pretty standard set of 10 through 46 gauge NYXL D'Addario strings, so nothing SRV level tension wise.

Unfortunately, it seems the bending moment from the G string to the screw point was too high for this gauge of steel, and it did bend beyond the materials yield strength and lift (i.e plastic deformation). As such, when attempting to bend it back in place it did break. I suspect that with the two largest spacers provided, this would likely not have happened, but word to wise for those looking to install this product flat to the headstock per some of the fenders out there on the market.

Omar Monge
Works like a charm

Highly recommended, the tiny Three String Tree is a huge improvement for my GE Smith Telecaster


Never use two when three will do. Rhyming is extra.

Not Worth The Price Charged

When I received the item, I did not find the $6.50 each charge was worth what I received. This should be no more than $2.
I'm Sorry I ordered 3 of these.

John Zimmerman
Works great

Was able to get this overnight shipped in a pinch. Works wonderfully.

Justin Kelley

Never received. I think usps lost it

Instant Improvement

Easy to install, an immediate tone improvement for me
Helps the nut work better. I like the tree will buy another when needed. Great product.


Works great. Fixed the rattle I was having on the d string as advertised.

jim kehoe
snug G string

i love simple fixes like this ! what took so long ?


Simply great!

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