Three String Tree, String Retainer (Polished Nickel)

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The Three String Tree by Music City Bridge is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the buzzy G string on your 6-in-a-line headstock guitar. 

Do you wish your Fender style guitar had a better break angle for the G string? Do you have a vintage or valuable guitar that you don’t want to alter by drilling for a second string tree? The Three String Tree is for you! It solves these problems by using the existing screw hole from the original string tree. The Three String Tree functions like a normal string tree but has an extra wing that reaches over and grabs the G string, giving it just the right amount of downward pull. It comes with three heights of Fender-style nylon risers to allow you to choose any break angle you desire.

User Feedback:

“It’s brilliant, Fucking Awesome. Why didn’t they make this in 1963?” - Kenny Vaughan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
James Jurewicz
Great solution!

Solved the G-string issue. Will be purchasing more. Thanks!

Stan Martin
3 string tree retainer

An elegant solution to an old problem on some Tele's. Pure genius!

Wish I would've found sooner

At last , a solid clear sounding G string!
Luv these string trees!

Marco Leiter
Sinnvolles Zubehör

Wenn auch die Versandkosten nicht günstig waren und in Deutschland noch eimal 8€ für Zoll und Bearbeitung hinzu kamen, bin ich doch froh, das Teil bestellt zu haben. Endlich hat das Gerassel der G-Saite im Steg ein Ende.

Zane Tremontana
Love 'em!

Inexpensive. Non-invasive, reversible installation. Works wonderfully. What more do you need? I have them on 3 guitars.

Rodolfo Lopez
Three String Tree

Excellent. Have been looking for this for a while.

Bradley Eisenhart
Works & looks great

I had a bit of a “G” string buzz going on. Saw a video of Joe Glaser recommending one of these to a customer who had a b-bender installed. He explained how the g string needs some love too. So I ordered one installed it, and it works great. No more buzz.

Randall Brunson
Nice improvement to original string tree

My guitar originally came with a string tree for the B and E strings. However, the G string also had a slight buzz at the nut end. This new string tree allowed me to correct that without having to install a second one. Looks and works great. No more buzz on the G string.

Kevin O'Leary

I love the 3-string string retainer. All of my Fender type guitars have them now. A truly great, inexpensive upgrade.

Paul D
Great solution

I purchased a Tele with staggered tuners, and I replaced them with split post tuners because I find them easier to re-string and prefer the vintage look. Great mod, but there was hardly any break on the G string! After searching the usual forums for a solution, I followed the recommendations to try the the Three String Tree, and it works really well! Great price, especially with free shipping. I highly recommend this