Three String Tree, String Retainer (Polished Nickel)

Music City Bridge

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The Three String Tree by Music City Bridge is an elegant solution to the age-old problem of the buzzy G string on your 6-in-a-line headstock guitar. 

Do you wish your Fender style guitar had a better break angle for the G string? Do you have a vintage or valuable guitar that you don’t want to alter by drilling for a second string tree? The Three String Tree is for you! It solves these problems by using the existing screw hole from the original string tree. The Three String Tree functions like a normal string tree but has an extra wing that reaches over and grabs the G string, giving it just the right amount of downward pull. It comes with three heights of Fender-style nylon risers to allow you to choose any break angle you desire.

User Feedback:

“It’s brilliant, Fucking Awesome. Why didn’t they make this in 1963?” - Kenny Vaughan

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Customer Reviews

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Nice addition. The 3 sizes of the plastic spacer are key. I have a 2019 Fender Player Telecaster and as the stock string tree sits flat to the wood, I chose thinnest spacer. I used the original screw as it matches the existing threads in the wood. Holds just fine even though the screw sits a bit less in the wood due to the spacer. The tree bends up slightly, but this is to be expected and I see no effect on tuning stability.
The Three String Tree puts the G string at a nice break angle. It might take a tiny bit of twang-volumn out of the G, but its really slight and hard for me tell precisely.

Absolutely Awesome!!!

Thank goodness these dudes produce this product, they must never stop! Now, G string on my strat...dead quiet.

jason miller

Three String Tree, String Retainer (Polished Nickel)

tom thumb
handy, handy handy

equal as an electrosocket as an upgrade to a 50's staple. works on strats and teles and doesnt look out of place

Gregory Coats
Practical Magic

Got a three string tree, string retainer for my Esquire build and it works great and looks retro so I got another one for my Strat build and so far have not installed it as I ve been waiting for my first string change but I'm confident it will make a great guitar even better.

B Mo'

Three String Tree, String Retainer (Polished Nickel)

Sean A.M.
A simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution

My only complaint with these is that they don't have more finishes (chrome and black) available. The Three String Tree really is a very simple design, and one of the easiest modifications to do to a Fender. I noticed the difference immediately; that 3rd string on my Jazzmasters stays in tune a lot better.

Robert Blanchard
Excellent Product and service

The 3-string three is perfect for my Strat. MCB service was excellent

Casey H
3 string string retainer

Works great

James Jurewicz
Great solution!

Solved the G-string issue. Will be purchasing more. Thanks!

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