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Music City Bridge

Screw Trimmer

Screw Trimmer

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Screw Trimmer - The easiest way to shorten screws.

The Music City Bridge Screw Trimmer is the simple solution to burned fingers and hard-to-hold set screws, which used to make trimming the too-tall saddle screws as bad as the torn and raw palms they cause.  The screw trimmer firmly holds any size set screw - 4-40, 6-32 or the metric M3x 0.5 - while you trim it to length and round its new end against a sander.  

The trimmer also makes it easy to grip a screw to remove and reinstall it in a saddle.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Little Pulu
Nicely crafted tool!

Feels good in the hand. Perfect weight, balance and feel.

Paul Stumbo

Screw Trimmer

Timothy McLendon
Nice Tool!

Works Great!

Raphael Cohen
Useful tool

Great product.
Many uses beyond what it was intended for.
I use it as a pin vise and a drill bit holder.

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