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"Quick Flip" Saddledriver - Bridge and Saddle Adjustment Tool

The “Quick Flip” Saddledriver has been used for years at Glaser Instruments as an in-house tool for setup and intonation. Visitors, picking them up, or watching our videos, always asked for a set. So we made enough to share.

The set contains two double-ended Saddledrivers with the most common bridge and saddle tools at each end. This kit is virtually all you need for electric guitar and bass bridge adjustments. 

Each set is equipped with:

  • 0.050 inch Allen hex

  • 1/16 inch Allen hex

  • 1.5 mm Allen hex

  • Small flathead screwdriver

Note: The Allen keys have been precisely chamfered to eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head.

The Saddle Driver is ideal for:

  • Gotoh Style Bridges
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridges
  • Gibson ABR Style Bridges
  • Mastery Style Bridges
  • Fender Style Bridges
  • Gibson Wraptails
  • Most aftermarket bridges

Also can be used for:

  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Pickguard removal
  • Knobs with set screw


"Finally, a proper comfortable tool that feels great in my hand and I won’t lose."

- Chris Miller (Keith Urban Guitar Tech) 

"I’m so impressed because I love fine tools."

Dan Erlewine (Luthier, Guitar Tech)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Scott Anderson
Solid tool that feels great in the hand

Has all the sizes needed in a super easy to use and high quality tool!

Emmanuel Ouellet

What a useful tool! No more searching for the right size Allen wrench. Great quality tool that immediatly earned its place on my workbench.

Alan Pachter
Very well made

Very nice size and weight. Quality tool that already has earned a designated storage spot on my bench.

Perfect fit!

I’m not searching for the right tools for my set ups, and feels great in the hand!

Thom Abell
Just what I needed!

These are handy AF. For years I've reached for various guitar tech oriented multitools or my box of assorted Allen wrenches whenever I worked on a Strat or Tele to raise or lower the saddles. These are well built and feel great in my hands. My only complaint is that they're not magnetic and I can't store them on a magnetic tool strip. No biggie. Magnetism is over rated. I highly recommend these to anyone who works on guitars for a living and even those guys who pretend that they do.;)

Great tool

Really well made! I only wish there was a flat side or two on the knurled ends so it wouldn’t roll.

Michael Kolb
pretty nifty!

Now I just need to find a place on my already too-crowded workbench so I can find 'em easily!

Gary Taft
Pretty sweet tool

I really like that the most common Allen sizes are in 1 easy place.(Well 2 really). Really comfortable too. It would be really cool if the tool's holder was wall mountable.

neal ward
‘56 LP Jr

Greatly improved intonation and eliminated sitaring buzz. Zero invasive modification / improvement.

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