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"Quick Flip" Saddledriver

"Quick Flip" Saddledriver

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"Quick Flip" Saddledriver - Bridge and Saddle Adjustment Tool

The “Quick Flip” Saddledriver has been used for years at Glaser Instruments as an in-house tool for setup and intonation. Visitors, picking them up, or watching our videos, always asked for a set. So we made enough to share.

The set contains two double-ended Saddledrivers with the most common bridge and saddle tools at each end. This kit is virtually all you need for electric guitar and bass bridge adjustments. 

Each set is equipped with:

  • 0.050 inch Allen hex

  • 1/16 inch Allen hex

  • 1.5 mm Allen hex

  • Small flathead screwdriver

Note: The Allen keys have been precisely chamfered to eliminate burrs and help tools seat in screw head.

The Saddle Driver is ideal for:

  • Gotoh Style Bridges
  • Tune-O-Matic Bridges
  • Gibson ABR Style Bridges
  • Mastery Style Bridges
  • Fender Style Bridges
  • Gibson Wraptails
  • Most aftermarket bridges

Also can be used for:

  • Pickup height adjustment
  • Pickguard removal
  • Knobs with set screw


"Finally, a proper comfortable tool that feels great in my hand and I won’t lose."

- Chris Miller (Keith Urban Guitar Tech) 

"I’m so impressed because I love fine tools."

Dan Erlewine (Luthier, Guitar Tech)

Note: If you are based in the EU you might consider purchasing this product from our distributing partner Kitarapaja to reduce shipping costs:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Very handy and high quality. If you do any of your own guitar work- these are a must.

Jared Silva

This tool lives on my bench worth the money.

easy order quick delivery

I Purchased the quick flip saddle driver set and could not be happier with the tools.

Little Pulu
Life changing....well engineered product!

Sturdy, ergonomic, the right weight and heft and very easy to handle. Feels like I have been using this my whole life. I am going to give them out as Christmas gifts to fellow guitarist.

Curt Snyder
Quick Flip Saddle Driver

Excellent quality Tech Tool for home or stage tech use. A must for any tech level. Feels great in the fingers with making precision adjustments. Highly recommend. Worth the cost.

Joseph StOnge
So much easier

These are very handy tools that make adjusting bridge saddles comfortable and easy. No more worrying about the skinny Allan key getting stuck

Benjamin Pomerantz

Solid workmanship. Very useful, makes quick work of fine tuning.

Paul Stumbo
Tool reviews

I love high quality tools that will help you to minimize opportunity for messing up mine or my friends instruments. These are very high quality tools made for instrument maintenance.

Matt Kerslake
Very nice quality tool and fairly priced

Love this tool and eliminated a shameful drawer I had full of miscellaneous small allen wrenches. Thank you for creating this timesaving tool! Love my brace prop as well :D. Will be back for more.

Mike Weiss
"Quick Flip" Saddledriver

The first day after receiving my new quick flip screwdriver, I was able to try it out on a Telecaster neck swap from 7 1/4" to 12" radius. The saddle adjustments were a breeze, not having to fumble around with an allen wrench.

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