Collection: The Stud Finder

Introducing the Stud Finder by Music City Bridge! This is the best replacement Wraparound Tailpiece for 1950s and 1960s original Gibsons with offset bridge studs.

The original stop bar tailpieces on these vintage guitars have 5 major problems:

-The treble stud is too far forward. This means that in order to intonate correctly you have to tighten the treble-side hex screw almost all the way, and intonation is still imperfect.

-The amount you have to adjust the bridge to compensate for intonation causes the strings to not line up over the pickup poles and fretboard correctly.

-Since the treble-side precariously balances on the hex screw it is prone to tipping, throwing your guitar completely out of tune.

-The high profile of the original bridge limits how low you can set your action.

-The original bridge was prone to “sitaring.” The strings would vibrate against the bridge creating an annoying buzz.
The Stud Finder corrects all of these problems!

-Extended treble-side collar and compensated top for accurate intonation.

-Offset string holes that allow strings to line up over pickup poles and fretboard correctly.

-Extended treble-side collar gives metal-on-metal contact. This means better tone and sustain and NO MORE TIPPING!

-Low profile so you can set your action as low as you want to.

-No sitar buzz!
Here is what some Stud Finder players have to say: 

"In tune, great sustain, sounds amazing, It's everything you could want. " - Vince Gill

"This bridge is the result of years of frustration." -Tom Bukovac

"The improvement in intonation and playability is such a joy to discover that I can't recommend it more highly." - Robben Ford

"The Stud Finder finally gets it right! The intonation is finally right now, the strings fall on the fingerboard where they should, the tone is awesome AND it looks right to the guitar. Well done!" - Jerry McPherson

Good solid tone. In tune. Looks right. What else is there?” - John Jorgenson
This bridge does not address the problems on reissue LPs, only on the original guitars. ALSO, because Gibson used studs with a variety of diameters installation might require replacement studs like those offered by TonePros (we like the locking studs).

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